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Trip to life – Collage Photo Frame

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Take a short trip to your life with a single look Collage photo frame with 41 pictures.

(After placing the order successfully, please send all 41 images to our email id giftsmyntraonline@gmail.com)
Center image grey scaled and other 40 arranged neatly in parallel grids.
Size: 12 x 12 inch. Material: PVC frame + Matt laminated print. No glass.
Great anniversary gift for married couples/ kids birthday, taking a trip down the memory lane.

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A collage photo frame is a collection of memories. Placed like those special moments in life, this collage photo frame is arranged with perfection. Centered on that one picture which defines the entire journey are many other photos. Though small and big, each memory is celebrated in its true color with this photo collage frame.

One look is enough to view the entire journey
Imagine a secret photographer was capturing those best moments of your life and laid them neatly in a decorated basked, how cool would that be? This collage photo frame realizes just that. Every moment neatly treasured in a white canvas behind, secured by a white frame.

Photo collage frame is a great gift for couples
For couples who have been married for years now, this can be a way to relive all those memories once again. It could be a Valentines gift, anniversary or a birthday gift for wife/husband, the simplicity of the frame is perfect for all. With a white frame, this is perfect for any wall. Adding no element of its own, other than the colors of the photographs and hence you.

41 Photographs in this collage frame.

One big portrait will be turned into grey scale and other 40 photos are surrounding in a neat parallel grid.

This makes for a very organized and clean look on the wall.

Size is 12 x 12 inches,

Material : PVC frame,
Laminated print.
No glass given to prevent disturbing reflections.

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